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International Mathematical Olympiad – IMO

An international competition in mathematics for high school students.
The first Olympiad in Mathematics was held in 1959, with delegations from 7 countries taking part (Israel began participating in this Olympiad in 1979). In 2022, it is expected that 111 delegations will take part. The competition takes place each year in a different host country.

Six students are selected for the delegation to the Mathematical Olympiad. The training for the team is run by Tel Aviv Youth University, in conjunction with the School of Mathematical Sciences at Tel Aviv University.The 2023 Mathematical Olympiad is being held on 10-17  July, in Japan.


The aim of the team is to expand the mathematical knowledge of high school students; to promote the field of mathematics and the motivation to undertake intensive work in the field; to develop problem analysis and solving skills; to intensify mathematical thinking and understanding; and to encourage creativity and “out of the box” thinking.

Selection Stages:

Stage 1
A national examination administered concurrently at schools throughout Israel. Thousands of students participate in this stage.

Stage 2
The Gillis National Mathematical Olympiad.

The Gillis Olympiad is the largest mathematics competition in Israel. It is held annually at the Weizmann Institute, and about 250 students from all over Israel participate. The Olympiad serves as the key stage in selection of the Israeli team for the International Mathematical Olympiad – the outstanding student competitors are invited to the senior mathematics team.

The students accepted into the senior mathematics team are divided into two groups: the youth group and the senior group. Each student studies and progresses at his own pace, and can move between the study groups in line with his abilities and his pace of learning.

Over the course of the year, the members of the team participate in intensive study days, regional gatherings, training camps and social activities. Each training session comprises the study of a mathematics topic, solution of a problem, analysis of the solution, and a test. For the purpose of individual practice, each student is assigned a personal mentor.

EMGO - European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad:

This is an international competition for girls, held in Europe. The competition is similar in content and structure to the IMO, and is an opportunity for girls with outstanding ability in mathematics to meet with other girls of similar age around a common interest – mathematics.
Each delegation comprises 4 competitors. The first competition was held in Britain in 2012, with delegations from 19 countries participating. In the 2018 competition, about 40 delegations took part. The Israeli delegation began its participation in this Olympiad in 2016.
The EGMO Olympiad for 2018 was held in Italy, on 9-15 April.

IMO – International Mathematical Olympiad:

The top members of the senior team will be selected to represent the State of Israel at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).
The competition comprises 6 questions, taken from 4 main categories: algebra, geometry, combinatorics, and number theory. Each country is entitled to suggest questions to the host country. A selection committee narrows the selection down, and finally, a few days before the actual competition, the final questions are selected – one or two from each category.

The tests last two days: each day the candidates receive 3 questions, and have four and half hours to reach a solution. Each question is worth 7 points, and calculators may not be used in the competition.

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