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About The Future Scientists Center


The Future Scientists Center for the Advancement of the Talented and Gifted was established by the Maimonides Fund in order to provide talented and gifted students with significant opportunities to fulfill their unique potential, by taking part in a one-of-a-kind, high-quality program in a variety of fields. The Center strives to create a community of graduates made up of revolutionary, breakthrough experts in various fields who will form Israel’s next generation of elite scientists, and will help resolve some of the greatest challenges in the country, and in the world.

The Future Scientists Center offers unique programs for talented and gifted youth, enabling them to integrate into the exciting world of research and academia, while still in high school!

These programs offer learning and research opportunities within an academic environment, as well as meetings and collaborations with industry-leading researchers and academics, exposure to the rich world of scientific knowledge and diverse social activities.

In addition, the Center partners with the Ministry of Education’s Authority for Technological Education and other academic institutions to run Israel’s Science Teams in the fields of biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science and physics, as well as Israel’s Junior Science Team.

In addition, the Center is home to an active network of graduates, the Ascola Alumni Network. The network helps graduates of the Future Scientists Center realize their potential as individuals and as a group, so that they can, one day, become science and technology leaders in the State of Israel.

The significant investment in these programs is aimed at strengthening excellence in academic and research excellence in Israel, and developing a community of groundbreaking scientists that will be at the forefront of Israeli society, in a variety of fields.

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